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The site was created by ECIA, in collaboration with its members, to support the authorized electronic components industry by giving users access to aggregated price and availability data for genuine parts from only authorized sources.

While other inventory aggregation sites may include data from sources that are not authorized by the manufacturer, ECIA works extensively on an ongoing basis to verify that price and availability data displayed on is only for products for which the distributors are authorized/franchised. That is why is the trusted source for searching the authorized channel for the electronic components you need. was created by ECIA and its members as a free service to purchasing professionals, design engineers and anyone in need of electronic components price and availability information from franchised distributors. All the distributors that participate on the site are required to be members of ECIA. Learn more about the benefits of membership and applying for membership.

To learn more about how to list your inventory, our Terms of Use, and other information related to participating on, please go here

Key Features of

  • Buy direct from 100% authorized sources
  • Always real-time pricing and availability information
  • 22+ million unique part numbers
  • Local language and currency
  • BOM management tools
  • Use of the site is free

Resources and Tools

End Customers (OEM, ODM and EMS)

Participating Distributor Members

  • Use the Distributor Portal to get access to search/click analytics, manufacturer authorizations and mapping, file import history and API performance if applicable

Manufacturer Members

Independent Sales Rep Members

  • Allow users to search for your products from your authorized distributors on your website using the DSS widget

All Component Manufacturers

  • Allow users to search for your products from your authorized distributors on your website using the DSS widget or the ECIA API

Data Syndication for Third-Party Sites

  • Under some circumstances when a third-party site wants to take advantage of displaying price and availability information from on their site, assuming the purpose of that site aligns with the mission of ECIA and the data is used in accordance with the T’s & C’s, ECIA may set up a data syndication agreement. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Cost to List Inventory on

  • For new participating distributors there is a one-time $1000 set up fee to cover the on-boarding cost. The annual base level participation fee is $2000. For more information about pricing or becoming a site sponsor, please contact [email protected] 

Advertising on

  • For information about advertising on the site’s results pages, please contact Mike Perryman at IEEE GlobalSpec: 317-588-6966 or  [email protected]