May 06 ECIA Newsletter

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Coming the weekend of May 16th - with an eye to expanding the site’s global footprint and driving adoption of its various tools in other regions, is being rebranded and will soon become While it will have a new name, a new logo, and a fresh new look - functionally it will be the same site that has been relied on by millions of users for the last 10 years. We will continue to work tirelessly to verify that all price and availability data displayed on is exclusively for products from authorized or franchised distributors.

This initiative is being directed by ECIA’s Distributor Council whose goal is to establish as a distinct global brand and give more users around the world access to our extensive distributor network.

Users who have the site bookmarked will automatically be redirected to User accounts and all other tools will continue to work seamlessly. Registered users, participating distributors, manufacturers using the DSS widget or API, data syndication partners and end-customers who use the API all received communications outlining any actions that might be required as a result of this change.

To learn more about how your company can participate on the site or take advantage of some of the existing tools, visit the information page on the ECIA site or contact Victor Meijers, Senior VP at [email protected].

Manufacturer Rep COVID-19 Impact Survey 

Manufacturer representatives play a key role in the world of electronics components distribution and, like other small businesses, have been impacted by the COVID-19 economic shutdown that has harmed both their suppliers and customers around the world. Given the lack of visibility on how this has impacted this important business community and what help it has been able to procure from the government, ECIA conducted a survey of its Manufacturing Representative members on the topic of COVID-19 impact and government assistance.

The report reveals that all manufacturer representatives have seen their business disrupted to some degree currently. Given the lag in compensation that flows to manufacturer representatives it is important to look out over the coming 2 to 3 months to determine expectations for future impact. 

The good news is that manufacturer representatives have been relatively successful in receiving approval and funding for their PPP loan applications but lag behind the overall small business community.  Click here to read a synopsis of the survey results. Members may access the full report by logging in to the ECIA website. 

Spring Engineering Summit Report

ECIA, through its  EIA Standards Committee (ESC), provides a unique forum for the discussion of technical issues and development of industry standards that drive the manufacture, application and use of electronic component products and systems on a global basis. At the 2020 Spring Engineering Summit, the following projects were opened:

P-1 Resistive Devices Standards Committee

5464 -   5 year review of EIA-887-A Thin Film Resistor Network Specification

5465 - Review of EIA-977 Test Method - Electronic Passive Components Exposure to Atmospheric Sulfur

P-2.5 Solid Electrolytic Capacitors Standards Committee

5466 - 5 year review of EIA-757-A Visual and Mechanical Inspection for Molded SMT Solid Tantalum Capacitors

Participation in the ECIA standards programs is highly encouraged and open to any individuals who are directly and materially affected by matters addressed by the work (Users, Producers, or General Interest). We are currently seeking added participation by OEM’s and other users.

For more information about ECIA’s EIA Standards & Technology Program, please contact Ed Mikoski, Vice President of Standards and Technology at [email protected]

Semi Survey Shows Improved C2Q20 Bookings Outlook 

The most recent TPC monthly survey polled over 8,500 active industry professionals across the globe. The availability of critical parts is still a concern. The survey showed a growth outlook for C2Q20 remaining generally the same as last month, although the bookings outlook was improved. Click here to access the April 29th survey report.

Technology Partners Consulting, (TPC) provides independent third party consulting to electronics suppliers and financial services firms. TPC provides ECIA with a monthly report on a market trends survey administered by Glenn Hitchcock, TPC founder and president.

Did You Know? ECIA Has a Coronavirus Resources Page


The latest addition to the Coronavirus Resources page is a ink to the just released COVID-19 Infection Control Best Practices document. It includes information for gatherings, protocols, cleaning and enforcement, and employee morale. The complete document is available to members and non-members on ECIA’s Coronavirus Resources page.