May 05 ECIA Newsletter

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Member of the Week: WPG Americas

This week the spotlight is on WPG Americas - ECIA's Member of the Week!

Headquartered in San Jose, CA, WPG Americas Inc. is a member of WPG Holdings, the world’s largest semiconductor distributor. Founded in November 2007, WPG Americas is a franchised partner to technology leaders in the Semiconductor, Passive, Electromechanical, Interconnect, Display and Lighting Solutions markets. The company is focused on providing total solutions to their customers and suppliers via superior design engineering services, a focused line card and exceptional, quality service.

Company representatives have been active in ECIA for the past decade. President Rich Davis held a leadership position on the ECIA Board of Directors. Ian Basey, VP Supplier Marketing & Asset, currently serves on the Distributor Council. WPG Americas team members also support the Global Industry Practices Committee and the inventory site.

Ian commented “The ECIA has been focused on the industry’s common goal of promoting and improving our business environment. WPG Americas is proud to be a member of the ECIA and to support its primary mission to promote the sale of authorized electronic components.”

We would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing support from WPG Americas.  Congratulations and thank you.


Top 50 North America Authorized Distributors Released

Distribution Minimizes 2020 Losses as it Stabilizes Supply Chain


The electronic components industry and participants up and down the electronics supply chain were put through an extreme stress test throughout 2020 and continuing into 2021. In the midst of a world in transition, distribution played a vital stabilizing role in many areas as the ability to forecast and anticipate supply/demand changes required a mix of traditional and innovative solutions in supply chain management. After battling the challenges of 2020, the Top 50 Authorized North America Distributors experience a decline of 5.9 % in North American sales. However, this same group combined to achieve worldwide sales growth of 4.5% as demand in Asia more than compensated for losses in the North America market.


ECIA has implemented an important change to the Top 50 results for 2020 compared to research published by Electronics Sourcing in surveys from prior years. Only “Authorized Distributors” are included in the research and rankings.  This is consistent with ECIA’s mission to support the Authorized Channel. As a result, brokers and others are no longer included and they have been replaced by 13 authorized distributors that are new to the Top 50 rankings. Click here to read the report. 

April Industry Sentiment Report

ECIA has posted the April Industry Sentiment Report penned by ECIA Chief Analyst Dale Ford stating the electronics component market sales sustained strong growth in April. The article is based on data from the ECIA’s Electronic Component Sales Trend (ECST) monthly survey.  

“Looking forward, the data shows May softening modestly compared to April,” explained Ford. “However, it should be remembered that any score above 100 indicates growth expectations. Hence this softening is an indication of a decrease in the rate of market acceleration and not an indication of weakening growth. Given the continued strong pressure on growth it should be expected that demands on supply will continue to result in increased lead times and upward price pressure,” he concluded.

The April Industry Sentiment report can be found at Members who participate in the survey gain access to all the survey results.

Additional Research & Analysis - Log in For Access

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EDS: Updated Las Vegas Covid Guidelines 

Monday - Thursday | August 30 - September 2 | Learn More

The state of Nevada has turned management of the Covid pandemic to local governments.  As a result, the City of Las Vegas has issued the following guidelines:

Starting Saturday, May 1: 

  • Capacity increase to 80% 
  • Social distancing reduces to 3 feet 
  • Dayclubs/nightclubs & adult entertainment may reopen 

Masks will continue to be required. Capacity and social distancing requirements will be removed when 60% of the eligible population receives at least one dose of a vaccine. Currently, 46.5% has received at least one vaccination shot.

EDS expects the Covid restrictions to be further reduced or lifted by the date of EDS. ECIA will keep you informed as updates are received. 

Looking for Raspberry Pi Boards!

Our friends at FIRST are in need of 300 Raspberry Pi 3B+ or 4 model boards. If your company is willing to donate any or all, please get in touch with Debbie Conyers: [email protected] or call 678-393-9994.

ECIA has worked with our member companies to coordinate the donation of millions of electronic components needed to make team kits since 2013. 

FIRST founder Dean Kamen’s quest is to ignite the imaginative minds of our youth and instill a love of science exploration. The successful FIRST® program – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology – has provided a venue for science-minded kids to compete on a level that rivals their athlete peers. Started in 1992 with 28 teams in a New Hampshire high-school gym, the competition now involves over 3,700 teams across the globe vying for bragging rights and college scholarships. 

Did You Know? Budde Marketing Manages POS Data Programs 

ECIA Service Partner Budde Marketing Systems has been managing POS data programs and providing channel data analysis since 1996.  Working with ECIA and many ECIA members over the years, they are recognized as the industry leaders in channel data analysis and management. 

Budde Marketing Systems specializes in startup programs and pride themselves on their industry reputation over the years.  Let them help you harness the power of the information contained in your POS data. Get a free estimate.