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November 8, 2022



ECIA 2022 Executive Conference Honors Jeff Thomson
North Star Award Recognizes Decades of Dedication to ECIA

Atlanta – ECIA’s North Star, the association’s highest leadership award, was presented to Jeff Thomson at the recent Executive Conference. For millennia, the North Star guided those navigators who sought to explore our world and to make it better. The award is so named to reflect the extraordinary leadership, guidance, and perseverance of those who are recognized.  These individuals made significant contributions to our industry over the course of their careers and set the standard for those who follow. In 2016 the inaugural North Star Award recipient was long-time board member Michael Knight of TTI; John Denslinger, formerly of ECIA earned the award in 2017; Blair Haas, Bud Industries received it in 2018; and Dave Doherty of Digi-Key took home the award in 2019. 

Jeff Thomson was engaged with NEDA, ECIA, and the Foundation for 19 years; he served on the Foundation Board for five years and most recently was one of the architects of the current ECIA streamlined leadership structure. ECIA CEO and President David Loftus presented the award. “Jeff Thomson served as our board chairman during the last few very tumultuous years, as well as being on the Manufacturers’ Council under our new structure,” David explained. “I am very grateful for his leadership and guidance. Last year he retired to Flagstaff with his beautiful wife Sue and is no doubt enjoying more time on the golf course and with their 100lb Rottweiler puppy. We wish him all the best.”

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