For Immediate Release - September 20, 2019
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ECIA Webinar Series with The Trust Bridge Continues with Presentation on Marketing in the Data Privacy Era

Atlanta — Many marketers remain blissfully unaware that their lead generation, customer list management and mass email communications practices are now in violation of recently enacted laws in countries such as the U.K. and in other countries and regions around the world. It is imperative that everyone in the organization is aware of the risks of improper handling of customer data, including emails. These laws do not only apply to Google and Facebook, but to all companies that collect customer information, even in the B2B context.

ECIA, through a partnership with The Trust Bridge, a UK consultancy focused on helping companies become compliant to a wide range of new e-privacy laws, is offering a series of webinars on Data Security topics of vital interest to members. Bottom line, these laws have created a ticking time bomb of unrecognized risk, with expensive consequences if not mitigated through proper planning and preparation. 

The next webinar in our partnership with The Trust Bridge is squarely focused on marketers. With the introduction of GDPR and with other countries and states introducing strengthened data privacy laws, marketing to customers, consumers, clients, prospects, members, delegates and contacts requires careful handling. All organizations need to define their approach and regulatory framework to follow when communicating with their audiences. This webinar examines the rules surrounding marketing in the new data privacy era. 

“These Trust Bridge webinars are a wealth of practical, action-oriented information that our members can implement immediately,” commented Debbie Conyers, ECIA Vice President of Member Engagement. “They are fast-paced and a very efficient way to get up to speed to learn how to get in compliance. Even if you aren’t doing business in the U.K. now, it is clear these laws will take hold everywhere, and marketers need to get ahead of this to avoid the substantial penalties that attach to violations.” 

Registration is open, sign up today for Marketing in the Data Privacy Era webinar Thursday September 26.

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