GIPC Guidelines and Best Practices 

The Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) provides a forum to discuss processes in the authorized channel that drive best practices within our industry. The GIPC members on this committee work to identify common global problems and issues, formally organize with Subject Matter Experts to research the issues, provide guidance and areas for consideration, and then help drive adoption with the ECIA Board of Directors and Councils. This activity results in the construction of guidelines, specifications, position papers and best practice documents for the electronic components authorized channel. The Committee is made up of executives from three Distributors, three Manufacturers, one Manufacturer’s Representative and two ECIA representatives.

You can learn more about the work of the GIPC here.

Obtaining GIPC Documents

The majority of GIPC documents were produced as industry guidelines and best practices. These documents may be obtained from the GIPC pages of this website. The documents are organized by subject.

Most recently published

Business operations

Environmental compliance

International Trade compliance

IT Security/Privacy standards

Logistics Services


In addition, recent work of the GIPC resulted in an industry standard, ECIA EIGP 114 Revision A, December 2023 Labeling Specification for Product and Shipment Identification in the Electronics Industry - 2D Barcode (Including Human Readable and 1D Barcode). This standard was produced in cooperation with the Standards and Technology Department of ECIA, which oversees US and international standards work relating to electronic components and related technologies. This standard is available for purchase through the EIA Standards Store.

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