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EDI Transaction Set 810: Invoice (Inbound)
EDI Transaction Set 830: Planning Schedule with Release Capability (Forecast)
EDI Transaction Set 832: Price Sales Catalog
EDI Transaction Set 844: Product Transfer Account Adjustment (Ship and Debit) – Outbound to Supplier
EDI Transaction Set 849: Product Transfer Account Adjustment (Ship and Debit) – Inbound from Supplier
EDI Transaction Set 845: Price Authorization Acknowledgement Status
EDI Transaction Set 850: Purchase Order
EDI Transaction Set 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement
EDI Transaction Set 856: Ship Notice/Manifest
EDI Transaction Set 860: Purchase Order Change Request – Buyer Initiated
EDI Transaction Set 865: Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement – Seller Initiated

EDI Transaction Set 867: Product Transfer and Resale Report

ECIA Design Registration Best Practices
ECIA Design Registration Form
Recommended Technical Standards for Point-of-Sale Reports
ECIA Statement on the Reliability Impact of Procuring Devices through Non-Authorized Sources
NIGP 110: Technical Guidelines for Electronic Price/Sales Catalog
NIGP 116: ECIA Guidelines for Disposition of Excess Inventory 

Non-Cancelable – Non-Returnable (NCNR) Product (an industry guideline)

Workplace Disruption - How it is Changing 
Workplace Disruption - The Impact On Company Culture