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October 13, 2023



ECIA Announces Conference Session on Supply Chain and Corporate Social Value 
Luca Silipo of Geodis takes a different approach

Atlanta — ECIA’s Executive Conference, is just a week away! Members of the planning committee for the conference scheduled for October 22-24 at the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel are inviting attendees to leave their worries about the future at home and come to Chicago ready to network, learn and have some fun at the same time.    

Lucas Silipo of Geodis takes a new approach with the session titled, ‘Supply Chains and Corporate Social Value Proposition.’ We are well aware of the power and risks embedded within the concept of supply chains. They redefine how we manufacture, often shifting production from local neighborhoods to global landscapes. While they might seem like a matter of convenience, driven by cost-effectiveness and capital optimization, supply chains embody a far deeper significance. What if we view them as the paramount framework for social sustainability?

“In this perspective, products serve as more than mere commodities; they become intricate social connections, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate our society and reflect on its profound significance for us. Let's embark on a collective journey toward shaping a corporate social value proposition… through products,” Silipo says.

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The Executive Conference runs October 22-24 at the Loews O’Hare hotel.

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