May 13 ECIA Newsletter

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ECIA Statement on Tightened U.S. Export Restrictions 

ECIA released the following statement regarding increased U.S. export restrictions on many technologies to China, Russia, and Venezuela.  ECIA President and CEO David Loftus stated, “I am confident that ECIA member companies, comprising all elements of the electronic component supply chain, will comply with new regulations and appreciate the need to protect genuine national security interests. However, we also recognize that the global electronics industry is deeply intertwined and interdependent. We are therefore concerned that this new order is exceedingly broad and has the potential for unintended consequences that will have a disproportionate negative impact on US technology companies.”

ECIA strongly encourages bilateral discussions to achieve more specific agreements that will more effectively balance the requirements of national security while safeguarding U.S business competitiveness. In addition, ECIA is fully aligned with similar statements from other electronics association leaders, including SEMI and SIA.

ECIA Welcomes New Board Members

The ECIA is pleased to announce the addition of two respected industry leaders to its Board of Directors, Frank Flynn, Sager Electronics and Phil Fraser, Analog Devices.

Frank, president of Sager Electronics, was elected as Director and Chair-elect, his Chair term to begin in 2021.  Frank replaces David Doherty, President of Digi-Key Electronics. Frank has been a long-time supporter of ECIA and its predecessor NEDA.

Phil Fraser is director of channel sales for Analog Devices. He has many years of experience leading sales, marketing and technical support teams, developing sales strategies and building sales channel networks. Phil has been an active Manufacturer Council member and a strong association supporter. 

“I would like to thank Dave Doherty from Digi-Key Electronics for his service as Director and welcome Frank and Phil to the Board,” said David Loftus, ECIA’s CEO and President. “Dave has been instrumental in working with the Board to guide it through a transitional period. Frank is an excellent choice and his background and experience will be of immense value as we navigate the tumultuous events of 2020. Loftus added, “ECIA is in very good shape to weather this storm, thanks to the Board’s leadership. With Frank, Phil, and the rest of our leadership team, we look forward to getting to the other side of the crisis much stronger and more focused on bringing value to our members.” to Become

Coming this weekend - with an eye to expanding the site’s global footprint and driving adoption of its various tools in other regions, is being rebranded and will soon become While it will have a new name, a new logo, and a fresh new look - functionally it will be the same site that has been relied on by millions of users for the last 10 years. We will continue to work tirelessly to verify that all price and availability data displayed on is exclusively for products from authorized or franchised distributors.

To learn how your company can participate on the site or take advantage of some of the existing tools, visit the information page on the ECIA site or contact Victor Meijers, Senior VP at [email protected].

COVID Survey Report - Update 6

Dale Ford, Chief Analyst

ECIA has posted the synopsis and full report of its most recent survey, which was conducted between Tuesday, April 28th and Tuesday, May 5th. Between the most recent survey and the previous survey that ended April 20th, governments in several areas have started to ease quarantine orders. However, conflict between governments, citizens and businesses has resulted in some localized turbulence. A sense of urgency to reopen the economy continues to build and additional funding has been approved after the initial round of funding to support businesses, especially small businesses, was exhausted quickly. Common expectations continue to point to a deep and extended economic crisis as GDP reports reveal the painful impact of this pandemic on major economies around the world.

The survey report synopsis, including three charts from the full report, can be found at

The full report, available to members only, provides detailed data by component type for the major categories of: Electro-Mechanical; Passives; and Semiconductors. It presents data in 15 detailed tables and 24 figures.  In addition, this report presents indexes to provide a perspective on how sentiment has shifted over time. Log in is required.

ECIA Market Trends Survey

Your Opinion Needed!

ECIA recently added a Monthly Sales Trends Survey as a supplement to its long running Quarterly Electronic Components Sales Trends (ECST) survey. Your participation in both surveys is critical and we value your opinion.

It is no secret that the value of a survey is increased when more people participate. Join peers in responding to these surveys and sharing important views into the market.

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June 4 | Professional Sales Management Coaching and Training Skills | Presenter: Colleen Stanley, President, SalesLeadership

Through ECIA's membership in the Association Education Alliance (AEA), members have access to many different training opportunities. The next one is slated for June 4th at 1:00 EDT. 

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